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It's what George Schofield does with his hands that has people travelling from around Australia to see him.

The 91-year-old war veteran has proved to be something of a legend among owners of sore, rheumatic pooches.

Not that his work is limited to canines. He has put his healing hands to work on an alpaca, a horse, even a monkey.

But he has always loved dogs and started breeding racing greyhounds in the 1960s.

Treating them for various muscular ailments followed by necessity.

Today, his healing hands are legendary.

For $10 anyone can take their dog to his ramshackle shed on the outskirts of Melbourne's northwest for some chiropractic care.

"Oh yeah, they come from all parts. We get a lot from Warrnambool and we've even had them make the trip from as far away as Darwin," Mr Schofield says.

My personal experience with George, a wonderful man will remain in my heart for evermore. He is all things to me but mostly he is a spirit that will live on in the lives of those he has touched. Including mine. My dog Shado lays peacefully at my side in no pain after my visit to George.

Thank you George.


George is an Animal Therapist his hours ar 10.00am - 4.30pm everyday except Tuesday

Phone:- 03 9333 1602


Remember George is 91 +