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Why more people are using our dog walking service everyday


  • Working all day and your dog is just laying around forced to bark at birds moving objects, postmen, passersby and after a while NOTHING
  • Your dog is destructive digging and or chewing things and your plants and garden
  • Your dog tries to get out either by digging, jumping Pacing a track can also be a sign of pent up energy (this becomes obsessive compulsive behaviour in your dog) Not good
  • Neighbour problems
  • Your dog has bad, poor, or no toilet habits.


Eliminate the feeling of guilt and add great benefits to you and your dog’s life use a dog walking service you won’t regret it.

Let your dogs travel in style

Our vans have dual climate control air conditioning keeping temperatures comfortable. Windows are meshed.




Benefits of Using our Dog Walking service

We do things and go places that you might not get a chance to. Responsible dog owners - There are so many benefits of daily dog walks for both owners and dogs.

You are responsible for the health and well-being of your pet but if you don’t have the time or energy that your dog requires due to the demands of your career, family, or even injury, or you just are finding it difficult to keep up a regular regime for your dog then you should try our service.

FREE TRIAL JUST CALL US ON 0433 150 250, we have an innovative program for dogs and owners it’s FANTASTIC!

Pick Up & Deliver so that’s brilliant.

Never underestimate the benefits of regular walking and socialisation for your dog.

Imagine how life is for pack’s of wild dog’s like wolves they walk constantly, taking in the sights, sounds and smells, 60% of the brain is controlled by the nose so they are learning as well as relaxing when they walk.

All walks include complimentary basic obedience and training and reinforcement.


Introduction to off-lead playtime in the park

All puppies welcome.

Gain your confidence LET YOUR PUPPY OFF LEAD with us on our walks. MEET YA THERE!!


Sometimes we get a little muddy, but we can arrange a hydro bath before we take your dog home, for an additional $25.00 we will have them smelling great, conditioned and flea rinsed...

Your dog can experience depression

Keeping your dog’s weight under control is vital to your dog’s long term health.

Meli is overweight, she is staying with us, while her owners are enjoying a holiday in Greece.

While they are away we have Meli on a diet and an exercise program, by the time she leaves she will be able to jump into the van not drag herself into the van.

Good effort Meli...

Maintaining your dog health is your responsibility many dogs suffer unnecessary illness due to obesity.

Exercise is part of your dogs life. Beside your yard will smell and look better not so much poop to scoop!


Rain, Hail or Shine

Did you know walking your dog in a thunder storm (on lead of course) especially with other dogs who are not afraid is very helpful, of course we use a special collar so he/she is under our control.

We will help your dog overcome this fear.






Dog Walking Prices    Minimize
  • 1 Dog Walk/run 1 OFF $35.00 on or off leash.
  • 2 Dogs $46.00
  • 3 dogs $53.00
  • 1 dog x 5 Days $140..00
  • Add $10.00 for extra dog for a 1 week booking.
  • 1 dog 3 x weekly $90.00
  • 2 dogs 3 x weekly $120.00
  • 2 dogs 5 days weekly $160.00
  • All walks are no less than 45 mins to an hour (usually longer) unless bad weather sets in or you specifically state otherwise to us.

  • Pick up and deliver to and from your home or work.
  • Email us for forms & references.

What we take on a walk

  • Emergency contact details
  • Vet contact details
  • First Aid kit
  • Mobile phone
  • Sun Screen
  • Thermal Blanket
  • Car harness (various sizes)
  • Portable water bowls and supply of water
  • Spare leads (various sizes up to 7 metre leads)
  • Spare collars Toys - balls, ropes
  • Treats
  • Rewards Clicker
  • Whistle
  • Dog Tidy Bags
  • Pet Wipes
  • Towels
  • Camera
  • GPS tracking device

Where we go

We go to great places:

  • exciting
  • spacious
  • dog friendly
  • lakes
  • rivers
  • hills
  • and more....

We even go to the BEACH for an extra DOGGY DAY OUT FEE...awesome fun


Live Updates

  • Multi media updates
  • sms updates
  • email photo’s of day out

Something to think about.. Can your dog walker LIFT your dog?



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we are melbournes favorite dog walking company we know because you told us!