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Bring your puppy along to puppy day care!

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We will help you gain the confidence needed when teaching your dog, rules, boundaries & limitations with a view to respecting you, and being a part of the pack not the Leader of the pack.

Dogs socialisingThe importance of socialisation for your dog

First thing to remember is:

  • Expose your puppy to as many things as possible, not just DOGS!!
  • Call Us we make it FUN!!

Responsible pet owners understand the importance of socialising their dogs from an early age. Puppy pre-school is popular and depending on who you choose to train your puppy, this is a great positive activity.

But for the most part it is just an activity, it’s not the foundation for the perfect dog for the rest of its life, unfortunately even the best dog can change depending on the owners, the circumstances it is living in.

And the subtle things it learns on a day to day basis. Socialisation never ends, never ever ends, they should be exposed to as many things external as possible, cars, traffic, sounds, lawn movers, banging, thunder, you name it, and especially children, others dogs and as many people as possible.

Don’t underestimate sitting with your dog on leash of course by the side of a busy road from puppy hood to adult hood.

Another great tip drop things along side your puppy when they are eating, they will soon not flinch, just ignore and continue to eat, don’t be too rough just enough to startle and make a noise. Keep it up, do it in all different locations outside, inside (you get the idea)

Great things to do with your puppy and your ever growing pooch on a regular basis

  • Take your dog over rocks,pebbles and stones, (you get the idea)
  • Walk through shallow water and slowly increase depth
  • Walk on many different surfaces
  • Go up and down stairs, a few at a time

For more great tips and idea call Debra 0433 150 250