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The Pet Nannies has a variety of professional and reliable services all designed to allow hard working families couple or singles to enjoy stress free holidays and or long working hours knowing their pets are cared for with the HIGHEST level of Pet Care imaginable.

We are fully insured.

Why use us?

Because The Pet Nannies caters for the things that are necessary when leaving your pet in care.

Remember, do not leave your pets with carers who are not insured, have no references and no qualification.

Some minders employ others to house sit pets, unless you research these families, you are taking a huge risk.

Some families have other unbalanced dogs, small children, teenagers all who are not trained in animal care.

Love yes, but love & cuddles are not everything your pet needs when you leave.

Ask the experts!!!! We are a Melbourne based family business.

Our service is tailored to suit you and your pets every need whilst you enjoy that well earned break away, we also care for your garden and your home if you would like us to.

Dog on his back

We hope that your dedication, time and understanding in researching Pet Minders has led you to straight back to us.

After your initial enquiry we will discuss and agree on a suitable time for a 20 -30 minute consultation.

This is Free and there is no obligation to you.

We will come to your home, photograph your pets, and allow you to guide us through the process just as you would have it in your sleeping

Leaving us with keys, is optional and totally up to you if you need us to gain access to the house. (This is determined by need of pets) eg. Indoor - outdoor pets, litter boxes used etc.

No fee charged for key drop off after services expire.

Your Pet, particularly if he/she is older will most definitely be better off in your home for the duration of your holiday.

Plans can be made to bring your dog back home with us for a few hours if we notice signs of stress or depression (can happen).

Obviously with dogs it’s a little different, cats tend to sleep most of the day and their aloof natures allow them to cruise through your absence much easier than your dog would.


Cats sleepingCats like to eat sleep and dream more than dogs.

Fact: Cats sleep up to 18 hours a day.

On the other hand, dogs are social animals, (PACK ANIMALS) they not only like the company of humans they use it to determine their boundaries which enables them to know their place in the unit.

Being a pack animal they must have a place in the pack and know where that is.

Basically its structure, dogs like structure, like kids do, we all do really.

This is why we stick to your routine as best as possible.

We also walk your dog this enables him/her to release stress, fear, anxiety and other pent up energies in your absence.

dog in creek

Why us the Pet Nannies?

  • Qualified Animal Consultant
  • Dog Psychologist
  • Behaviour Training
  • Caring
  • Loving
  • Reliable


What we do on a visit to your home

  • Dogs will be walked
  • Bins in & out
  • Mail Secured
  • Newspapers
  • Catalogues
  • Gardens Watered (with tank water Only)
  • Pots watered Indoor & outdoor if required

Security Checks

Let the Pet Nannies do it!

  • Windows and Doors Checked
  • Have us alternate internal or external lights
  • All suspicious activity and alerts reported to local police

dogs drinkingAfter a good run and some ball or smell activity, we bring pooch home dry him/her off if it has been a wet walk, then we feed them and get them comfy and settled for the evening until we return for big hugs, pats another good run the next day and of course some well earned dinner.

All gates are double checked as are fence lines for fresh dig out attempts!

Any new holes will be secured to the best of our ability.

We encourage to you leave the radio on if possible, not loud just softly and on classical station ABC...Yes Really!!