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I can't tell you how many times people have left their dogs with me and said the dog doesn't get anxious or stressed.

That may be true at home but dogs do get stressed, and anxious if they don't feel relaxed.

There are a number of ways to relax dogs.

Obviously first and foremost is the walking, the hiking and/or the swimming.

We make sure your dog gets ample exercise when they stay with us it is IMPERATIVE.

This is where we usually take your dogs for a great time.

This helps them overcome anxiety, fear, depression, and stress.

Just because your dog doesn't display traits at home don't think it doesn't happen.

We keep the fun happening and the mind moving forward not allowing a dog to develop anxiety in your absence.

We are experts at detecting a mood swing or change, and we are on to it immediately.

So we get out and about!!!!

Ways to release stress

  • When dogs socialise they release stress
  • When they are challenged they release stress
  • When dogs walk they release stress
  • When they run they release stress
  • The best way to get your dog to relax is to give him or her purpose
  • Go to obstacle training courses
  • Swim, surf and river
  • Play ball
  • Play chase
  • Give them a good diet
  • Good boundaries
  • Good limitations
  • Good structure
  • Good assertive energy from you keep your dogs calm
  • Carry a back pack for harder to calm dogs Or
  • for larger working breeds Go jumping